Impact Resistant

The Metatarsal Injury Protector

Unique Material Technology

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"Goalkeepers try these out! Zock foot protection - great product, great idea, gives me confidence knowing that my feet are protected."

Mason Barry - Goalkeeper at Murray United in Australia and previous goalkeeper at QPR FC!

"An absolutely brilliant little piece of kit. Really useful in helping prevent and recovery with metatarsal issues. Well done Zock - thank you!"

Geo Hamill - Coach at Buckland Athletic FC

"I tried these personally, and then had one of our sister company's professional soccer clients give them a test run. They are much better alternative to the foam in your trainer! Definitely a huge improvement on the current method. Truly a product we believe in."

Level Up Sports Company

"We have been using Zock in our clinic for a few months now and it has gone down a treat. We work a lot with professional footballers, and being able to use the Zock with them has been beneficial for everyone. A few of the local clubs now use the product and we hope to use it long into the future!"

Barnes Sports Injury and Performance Clinic


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